Why a Sectional Garage Door?

Choosing a new garage door can be a difficult decision. Where do you start, what factors do you look for? With so many options out there, how do one decide?

Amongst South African home owners, sectional garage doors are a fast-growing popularity. The safety, strength and security of a sectional garage door greatly appeals to home owners.

Benefits of the Sectional Garage Door

  • These doors are referred to as sectional, as they open vertically, which makes it the ideal installation on almost any garage door opening.

  • The Sectional Garage door is practical, robust and versatile, which makes it the better choice.

  • Because Sectional Garage doors open vertically, means that it takes up less space inside the garage, leaving more storage room.

  • Due to solid panels, which are large enough to be reinforced, you can be assured of enhanced security.

The Sectional Garage Door Appearance

  • With so many design choices offered, you have the option to enhance the curb appeal of your home to your own personal preference.

  • The aesthetic choices cater well to all budgets.

  • Sectional Garage doors open upward, rising and folding slightly, which then lies parallel to your roof structure when fully opened.

Suitability of the Sectional Garage Door

Sectional Garage doors can be fitted to almost any garage opening, but they are particularly suitable for drive-ways with space restrictions, as they do not open outward

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