Lifespan of a Garage Door Motor

Your garage door motor is the brains of your garage door operation. It tells the door when it is fully open, fully closed, guides the door along its track, and starts, slows, or stops the door operation. Just like any mechanism over time, the motor’s gears and electronics will start to wear down. Typically a garage door motor should last approximately 10 years if your garage door was serviced annually and there were no major faults which would cause the motor to wear out sooner.

Factors that Contribute to your motors life expectancy

Type of Motor

There are three main types of opener drives which determine the device through which the door is raised or lowered along the track.

Chain drives - feature a bicycle-style chain

Belt drives - feature a rubber belt

Screw drives- features a lifting device along a threaded steel rod.

How often do you Operate your Garage Door

The more you and your family use your garage door on a daily basis, the shorter you can expect its life expectancy to be. The estimate of a 10-year life expectancy of your garage door motor is based on three to five open/close cycles for 300+ days out of the year.

Do you use your door just to go to work and come back at the end of the day, or do you operate the door more, including to get equipment out for a small business, children's bicycles etc? Based on this, you can expect your garage door motor's life expectancy to be shorter or longer.

Garage Door Springs

Your garage door motor does not replace your garage door springs and it does not do the heavy lifting of the garage door. Your garage door motor should only do what your hand does, guide the door up or down, your springs do all the muscle work. Therefore, ensure your garage door springs are in good working condition otherwise your garage door motor will not last.

Do you do regular maintenance on your garage door

A big contributing factor to your garage door motor’s lifespan is whether you get your garage door regularly serviced and maintained.

A garage door service includes things like checking all the nuts and bolts are fastened correctly, a well balanced door and is all the hardware in good working condition.

Paying attention to changes in your garage door’s operation, such as slower function, new noises, or broken parts, and getting professional attention promptly for repairs like broken springs.

The above factors are ultimately what will help your opener reach and surpass the 10-year life expectancy.

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