Plastic on your new Steel Garage Door

Garage Door Tip #4

You’ve just purchased your new Insula-Dor™ Steel Insulated Garage Door from DoorZone® and it has a clear plastic film on!

DoorZone® leaves the plastic film on for your door’s PROTECTION during installation and until your building process is complete. Builders are so busy doing the job you hired them for that sometimes accidents do happen. Well this plastic film is to give your door that protection it needs during transportation, installation and while your builders put that final beautiful coat of paint on your homes walls.

Therefore, you need to remove this plastic. The plastic film should be removed within 2 weeks after installation.

If it is not removed, the plastic will become brittle and hard to remove and a heat gun might be required to remove it.

We would love to do it for you, however we run on a strict schedule and other DoorZone® clients are waiting for their new purchase to be delivered or installed.

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