Garage Door Injury to Children

Garage doors are so much more safer than what they used to be, but parents should still be careful when their children are in the garage.

You as a parent always want to protect your children. You know about about hazards around the home like swimming pools, but did you know that garage doors can pose significant dangers to your children?

There’s no question that safety features on garage doors like automatic obstruction settings have made garage doors safer. However, malfunction or a moment’s inattention can still lead to injury.

There are two situations that children are most susceptible to experience: injured fingers and getting trapped under the garage door as it closes. The most common injury is getting fingers caught in the garage door as it moves, and this can result in a very serious injury.

Fortunately, keeping children from harm is as simple as keeping an eye on them, and educating them on the dangers of a garage door. Also, make sure that your garage door is functioning properly, and is serviced regularly.

Remember, the simple push of a button can make your garage door a moving hazard. Teach your children to stay away from the garage door at all times – not just when it’s moving. Only allow children near it with adult supervision, and let children know that any of the garage door parts are not to be played with or not played near.

Even with the obstacle sensore the door can still malfunction and close on someone, especially children who are smaller than adults and may not allow the obstacle sensors to react in time. No one, including adults, should duck under the garage door when it’s closing.

Install a new garage door opener if you have a model older than 10 years and keep your garage door properly maintained.

Never do repairs yourself unless you’re an expert; your children’s safety depends on a properly working door.

If you follow basic safety rules, replace old doors if needed, and have regular services to ensure proper function at all times, your children should be safe to play around your garage, and enter and exit without issue.

Never Walk Under a Moving Garage Door

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