Measuring for your Brano Garage Door

To receive an accurate quote from DoorZone® or any other garage door installer prior to confirming the quotation, we will need to know the measurements of your garage.


Most new construction homes have standard size door openings for one- or two-car garages. However, there are many homes that have non standard openings or which require a custom design.

Measuring your garage door opening is vital when ordering a new garage door from DoorZone®as well as identifying any Obstructions.

Obstructions are defined as entry doors or other objects that will interfere with the garage door track or the operation of a garage door. The nearest obstruction may be something such as pipes, support beams, cupboards, lighting, etc. Obstructions must be taken into consideration in the headroom, sideroom, and backroom measurements.

- Single Standard Size : 2500mm(w) x 2150mm (h)

- Double Standard Size : 4920mm(w) x 2150mm (h)

Single Door Opening Sizes

Double Door Opening Sizes