Garage Door Automation​

What’s more convenient than an automated garage door? By the push of a button you can open your garage door in the safety of your vehicle.

By choosing an automation system from Brano you are assured of a reliable, safe and trusted garage door opening system.


The remote system (transmitters) for the automation can fit onto any key ring and can be carried around where ever you go, in your vehicle or even in and around the house. Code hopping technology for transmitting signals to the motor has been used, to ensure the safety of your home.

Included in the system, is a handy wall console, which is fixed to the wall near your side entrance. From here you can easily observe the operation of the garage door and if need be, stop the opening or closing of the door immediately if a problem or passing through traffic such as children or pets has been observed.

For added safety, the garage door motor has also been designed to automatically reverse if the garage door senses any obstacle while in operation.



It is also important to have a side entrance/pedestrian door in case of emergencies. If there is no door present Brano can offer you an Emergency Key Release system as an added extra for your door. This will allow you to manually override the motor when no power or battery Back-up is present, allowing you to enter your garage.

Please note that with new SABS regulations and Insurance guidelines, all garages need to have electrical plug points +/-1.5m away from the motors head (in roof/ceiling structure).