Garage Door Prices, types and choices...


So you need help with choosing the correct Garage Door for your house.

First thing you need to know - is that there are mainly 3 types of doors in South-Africa. 

Roll-up, Tip-up and Sectional Doors.  

The type is basically derived from the mechanism the door uses to open and close. Roll-up and Sectional doors are the most common by far.

Next thing you want to know, is the material the door is made from. This will affect the price of the door. You will need to choose according to your budget - without sacrificing the the aesthetic appeal of your home. Taking into consideration that your Garage Door contributes hugely to the resell value of this house, and probably one of your biggest assets!

Have a look here at the brochures of what you can expect to pay for the different types of doors - comparatively. The Golden Coins could represent a couple of thousand Rands.

Obviously, we are also trying to compare doors of the same size...but, we trust this will give you an idea.

Please call a Brano sales person, so they can help with any questions you have in this regard.

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